Individual press for the assembly of insulating glass units,
with or without gas filling

The fully automatic press can be used to assemble rectangular IG Units and almost all shapes. The glass sheets can be precisely positioned with a belt. The processing of different glass sizes, as well as different glass and spacer widths, can take place in an arbitrary sequence and is independent of the respecitve glass and frame arrangement and format.
The press can be equipped with or without gas filling for rectangles, shapes and up to 4-sided stepped units. Errors are displayed immediately by a diagnostic program. Press plates with wide opening angles ease maintenance work.

Technical data

Possible machine height

Glass thickness
1.6 m, 2.7 m, 3.3 m

3 - 15 / 30 mm

Unit thickness
12 - 60 / 80 mm

Spacer width
6 - 27 mm

Vertical frame setback
up to 200 mm

Minimum glass size
350 x 300 mm, optional 350 x 190 mm

Maximum glass size
3,500 x 3,300 mm, 2 x pressing up to 5,000 mm

Maximum load
300 kg/linear metre

IG types
double, triple, four glass units

Gas filling

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