Loading and un-loading robot

High-speed unloading with a maximum of 25 seconds per unit, which increases the productivity greatly. It can automatically detect whether the IG unit storage shelf is full. In case the storage shelf is full, the robot will stop the unloading and remind the operator by buzzing to change to a new shelf.

Equipped with an anti-falling supporting hook design, it effectively prevents the large IG units, especially the middle glass plate from falling in malposition.

It has a unique four-rod connection design, which can easily hold 600KG, this overcomes the difficulties on large and heavy glass unloading.

The movement of the robot can be stopped temporarily by foot pedal during operation, for the convenience of checking the glass cleanness and the robot maintenance.

It is possible to install up to max. 3 un-loading robots.

Technical data single un-loading robot:

HeightMax. 2500mm
Glass dimension for unloading min.
Glass dimension for unloading max.2500×3500mm
Thickness of IG unit12-60mm
Unloading speedMax. 1-25S
Unloading capacity Max. 600KG/unit
Power supply 380V 50HZ 3KW
Air supply 6 Bar / 0.8QM/min

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