Sealing robot

The sealing robot has continuous, automatic sealing of double insulated glass units of rectangle/shape, different dimensions with fast volume-controlled dosing system. Piston pump dosing technology ensures exact dosing.

Homogeneously sealed corners due to nozzle / spatula systems and excellent mixing and dosing quality for 2-component sealants for insulating glass. The V-belt conveyor systems for safe and clean transport.

Exact sealing all-around, even in case of irregular sealing depths and automatic nozzle centering as well electronically adjustable mixing ratio (by volume).

The sealing robot works only a few mixed materials in the system and rinsing program for cleaning of mixing unit with base components. Further advantages are quick-action lock system for fast exchange of the nozzle and the mixing unit, one or two types of sealant supply and apply: Polysulfide (with heating system) and Silicone.

Technical Data

Possible machine height
Max glass size
1.6 m, 2.7 m, 3.3 m
7,000 x 3,300 mm
Min glass size350 x 300 mm, optional 350 x 190 mm
Stepped glass function (max. 150 mm)Yes
Conveyer Sections
Inlet: 3 x 2,500 mm, Outlet: 3 x 2,500 mm
Up to 4-glass function
Sealant supply systemPART A 1 x 200L / 55gal
PART B 1 x 20L / 5gal
CE certification
380v, 3P, N+PE 50hz
Spacer width
6 - 27 mm
Sealing depth
2 - 30 mm
Shape glass function
L to R or R to L

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